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How high a voltage can be applied to a zener diode?

How high a voltage can be applied  to a zener diode?


The applicable voltage differs for the following two possible cases.
(1) Case of voltage application through static electricity

If the static electricity withstand amount is an issue, use of the ESD protection diodes,which guarantees the static electricity withstand amount, is recommended.

(2) Case of repeated application of pulse voltage and DC

This is the most common case, involving the application of the L load breakup surge absorption.
In this case as well, calculate the junction temperature under the actual usage conditions similarly to Q1, and check that the absolute maximum rating for the junction temperature (Tj) is not exceeded.

For the concept and junction temperature calculation method, refer to the following document provided on this website.
Precautions Regarding Use of NNCD Series and RD Series

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