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What points to be watch in application circuit design using uPC1093?

Latest Updated:02/01/2007


Shunt regulator: The (uPC1093's) circuit operating current is not included in the electrical specifications of the uPC1093. What points should I be careful about regarding application circuit design using the uPC1093?


Owing to its circuit configuration, in the uPC1093 (from the viewpoint of the anode), two currents, the cathode current and the reference current, flow to the anode. Thus the cathode current and the reference current of the uPC1093 can be thought of as equivalent to the circuit current.
Therefore, when designing application circuits, care must be taken so that that cathode current and reference current do not exceed the absolute maximum ratings. Also, as described in the recommended operating conditions in the data sheet, the recommended minimum value of the cathode current is 1 mA.
Note that in the case of a design that does not secure a cathode current of 1 mA or higher, the current falls short of that required for uPC1093 startup, thereby making startup impossible.

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