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Is the quality stress applied if the amplifier uPC324 short circuited?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


Is the output current limited if the output of operational amplifier uPC324 is short-circuited?
If short-circuiting is maintained, is quality stress applied?


The uPC324 has an internal output short-circuiting protection circuit. Therefore, the output current is limited as shown below (the following figure is for reference only).

• Short-circuited to V+

On the curve of TA = +25°C in the above figure, IO SINK is limited to about 30 mA.

• Short-circuited to V- (GND)

On the curve of TA = +25°C in the above figure, IO SOURCE is limited to about 50 mA.

Note that, if "Total power dissipation: PT", shown in Absolute Maximum Ratings, is not exceeded even momentarily, quality stress is not applied even if short-circuited status is maintained. Refer to Absolute Maximum Ratings (including Notes 4, 5, and 6).

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