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What is the turnoff delay time and the shutdown time using MOSFET?

Latest Updated:09/02/2013


I'm using a MOSFET(UPA2792AGR). Please tell me about the turnoff delay time (td(off)) and the shutdown time of the actual MOSFET. According to the specs in the datasheet, the gate to source cutoff voltage is typ -1.7 V (min -1.0 V) and td(off) is 130 ns. In our actual measurements, there is an over 300 ns delay to turn-off after the gate to source voltage (Vgs) rises to -1.0 V. Sufficient input current is supplied. What could be causing the increased delay?


The measuring conditions for td(off) in the datasheet are as follows.

Measuring conditions: RG = 0 Ω, VGS = -10 V, VDD = -15 V, ID = -5 A

If different measuring conditions are used, the value of td(off) will differ. For example, if RG is higher, td(off) will be longer. Likewise, if the value of VGS, VDD, or ID is different, there will also be an effect.

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