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Do output voltage of amplifier for single power does not fall below 1 V?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


The output voltage of an operational amplifier for a single power supply does not fall below 1 V.


The output voltage will not fall below 1 V if a single power supply is used. If an output voltage in the neighborhood of 0 V is required, the characteristics at a low voltage can be improved by inserting a resistor (2 to 5 kΩ) between the output pin and GND for pull-down.
This characteristic is caused by the saturation voltage of the output transistor.
To handle a signal in the vicinity of 0 V, two power supplies, of positive and negative polarities, are necessary.
The minimum output voltage ranges between approximately 0.6 and 1.5 V from the voltage of negative power supply (ground potential in the case of a single power supply).
Note that the output impedance substantially increases at a voltage lower than this.
Suitable Products
Operational Amplifiers
USB2.0 Host/Peripheral Controller
M66596, R8A66597