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Difference of E8a's “fmdw” mode & the fmwf in the FDT?

Latest Updated:03/15/2012


What is the difference between the E8a emulator’s flash memory write function in “flash memory data write” mode and the flash memory write function in the Flash Development Toolkit?


Although the results of the write operation are the same, the two flash write functions differ as follows:

  E8a Emulator Flash Development Toolkit Related FAQ
Usage Situation Assumes a simple write operation after debug is completed Assumes write operation to be executed in the mass production process (write data with one button) FAQ 106580
Write to Flash Memory E8a programmer function only writes to the flash after erase Only one download allowed, and multiple files cannot be downloaded. Writes in block units Provides general programmer functions, such as erase of specified block only and independently executed verify command. (For details, see the Flash Development Toolkit User’s Manual) FAQ 107032
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