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How to select option build on the setting dialog box of HEW?

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


[High-performance Embedded Workshop V.4]  How can I select options of build on the setting dialog boxes of High-performance Embedded Workshop?


See the upper right of the descriptions of build options in your manual. That shows how you get to dialog box to select the options.

For example, you activate […Standard Toochain] dialog box, and select a tab, then a category, and item. You can select options on dialog boxes you open.

When you want to use options which the manual does not say how to use, please open […Standard Toochain] dialog box by selecting […Standard Toochain] from [Build] in High-performance Embedded Workshop. Then select a compiler, an assembler and an optimizing linkage editor tabs. After selecting all of the tabs, select [Others] for category, and enter an option name in the user-specified option field.

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