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Why did I fail even I execute debugging C source program at source level?

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


Although I executed debugging a C source program at source level, I failed. What would be the possible reason?


When building with the High-performance Embedded Workshop, the following conditions must be met to debug a program at the source level.

  1. An option to output the debug information of a program to be debugged is being specified by both a compiler and an optimization linkage editor.

  2. Machine code is being used as an output format of the compiler.

  3. ELF/DWARF format is being specified as an output format of the optimization linkage editor.

  4. A module and ith debug information is being loaded to a simulator, or an emulator.


Suitable Products
High-performance Embedded Workshop
C/C++ Compiler Package for SuperH Family
C/C++ Compiler Package for H8SX, H8S, H8 Family