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Why do it says 112k is not displayed when I select R8C/3MQ group?

Latest Updated:12/05/2012


I am creating a new project in the High-performance Embedded Workshop to develop a program for R5F213MCQNNP (R8C/3MQ group). Even when selecting the R8C/3MQ group, "112K" is not displayed as a choice for the ROM size.


Select "128K" as the ROM size when developing a program for R5F213MCQNNP. In addition, when [C source startup Application] is selected, “none” should be selected for [Use OnChip Debugging Emulator].

For details, refer to section 3, Usage note for the development tool for R5F213MCQNNP, in the Renesas Technical Update "R8C/3MQ Group Specification Change (Document No.: TN-R8C-A028A/E)" from here.

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