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(e² studio) "Access denied" error was shown while build project

Last Updated:06/14/2017


Access Denied Error occurs during or after build operation in e² studio. Upon sample code (e.g. Starter Kit's "Tutorial" project) build, error message was displayed as below:

make all
'Scanning and building file: ../r_bsp/board/rdkrx63n/lowlvl.src'
'Invoking: Scanner and Assembler'
make: *** Access denied.
. Stop.
make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....


Antivirus program's "realtime scan" feature may delete compiled objects as suspected file.

Antivirus realtime scan feature may need to be disabled before build in this case. Antivirus program exception may also be set if object files has been lost after build. Check antivirus activity log to know which file is affected.

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