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Error message at debugger connection-Setting of the id code failed_e² studio

Last Updated:02/07/2018


Connection failed when debugging the e² studio project, resulting in the following error:

Setting of the id code failed. E1_E20_IDCode() Failed
RxTargetDevice::startConnection() Rx_Init_E1_E20() Failed
The GDB action “Connecting to the target device” failed. Error report: Setting of the id code failed.
Disconnected from the target debugger.


The ID code protection of the device causes the above error when an the written ID differs from that specified at debugger connection.

When characters other than FF are described in an ID code and the debugger setting is the flash programming mode, the ID code is programmed at startup of debugger.

Note 1:
Where an ID code is described depends on the project.

Note 2:
The flash programming mode can be activated by selecting “Program in on-chip flash memory” in [Communication Mode] in the [Connection Settings] tab.

Note 3:
If [Debug mode] is selected in [Communication Mode] instead of the programming mode, the ID is deleted by FF when debugger connection succeeds.

As the ID code is modified by the flash programming mode, debugger console shows the following message.
Security ID, writing to address 0xffffffa0 with data 12345678999999998888888877777777
Security ID code for Connection Settings is "78563412999999998888888877777777".

Note 4:
The above message appears only once when the ID code is modified. If you miss the message, you can confirm it by running the debugger after Renesas Flash Programmer deletes the ID code.

In e² studio V6.0.0, V6.1.0 and V6.2.0, the order of the ID code specified in the debugger setting is different from that described above. 
Therefore, please specify the former value (in the above example, 1234567899...) for those versions of e² studio.

To start the debugger after programming the ID code, the latter value (in the above example, 7856341299...) must be specified.
Enter the value in the [ID code] column (in hexadecimal format without 0x) at the bottom of the ID Connection Settings tab when starting the debugger. This configuration will be seen as -uIdCode debugger option.

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