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How to avoid errors when using e² studio?

Latest Updated:08/20/2015


The following error dialog is shown right after e² studio has been launched.

 'Smart Manual Discovery Startup' has encountered a problem.
  An internal error occurred during: "Smart Manual Discovery Startup".


This error can be solved by calling e2studio.exe with -clean command line option. Here's how to call e² studio with command line option(s):

  1. Create a shortcut of e2studio.exe at the folder e² studio installed. (e.g. C:\Renesas\e2studio\e2studio.exe)
  2. Add a command line option in the shortcut property. For example: "C:\Renesas\e2studio\e2studio.exe -clean"
  3. Launch e² studio with the shortcut.

Note: Once the error has been solved, you don't need to use the shortcut.

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