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Are the part name of the lead-free products different?

Latest Updated:04/01/2008


Are the part name of the lead-free products different?


The marked part name is the same for most products because they are not different in chip and package shape.
The index mark is printed on the marking side.
However, there is no difference for small packages that do not have a printing space.

A classification symbol is suffixed to the part name. This symbol differs as follows depending on the product.

External solder (Note 1) Sn-Bi, Sn-Ag-Cu Sn Ni/Pd/Au (Au on the surface)
Completely lead-free -A -AT -AX or -G
Lead-free pins (Note 2) -AZ -AY None

Note 1 : CCD sensors are an exception in that plating on their pins do not contain lead in the first place (see A3).

Note 2 : internal solder with a high melting point is not subject to the RoHS Directive.

A classification code indicating lead-free products prefixes the code of the country (e.g., /JM) where the products were manufactured.
Note, however, that the package shape does differ in a very small number of products, so these products have a different order part name. Be careful, therefore, to check each product with your local sales office before purchase.

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