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What are the available temperature ranges for H8/300H Tiny Series?

Latest Updated:03/18/2009


What temperature ranges are available for the H8/300H Tiny Series and how are they indicated in the part name ?


The H8/300H Tiny series is available in a variety of temperature ranges, aimed to provide cost effective solutions for various applications. These are standard temperature aimed at many general purpose applications; Industrial temperature range aimed at many industrial applications where a wider temperature range is required; and a range of automotive, where a wider temperature range and extra reliability testing are provided ( see below )

Specification             Marking    Example

Std - 20 -> +75 degrees C    none     HD64F3664H

I   -40 -> +85 degrees C     I        HD64F3664HI

J   -40 -> +85 degrees C     J       HD64F3687HJ"

Suitable Products
H8/300H Tiny