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Factors that Cause Flash Programming Errors (PRGERR)

Last Updated:06/08/2017


Program errors occur during flash programming and the PRGERR flag is set to "1". What are the possible causes of the errors?


The errors may be caused by the following things: 

• When issuing a command while in a command invalid state such as command lock state.
• When detecting unauthorized erasing/writing of flash memory during the command process by the FWEPROR register setting.
• When issuing a program or a lock bit program for the area protected by lock bits.
• When an error occurs during programming.

The above cases may not apply to all cases as causes of the program errors differ depending on each product. Please see the following chapter of the "User's Manual: Hardware" for more details if required. 

• "Error Protection" in the ROM (Flash Memory for Code Storage) 
(Target products: RX610 group, RX62N group, RX621 group, RX62T group, RX62G group)
• "Command Lock State" in the Flash Memory 
(Target products: RX630 group, RX63N group, RX631 group, RX63T group, RX634 group, RX210 group, RX21A group, RX220 group)
• "Flash Status Register 0 (FSTATR0)"  in the Flash Memory 
(Target products: RX110 group, RX111 group, RX113 group, RX130 group, RX230 group, RX231 group, RX23T group, RX24T group)
• Flash Memory User’s Manual: Hardware I/F "Error Protection"
(Target products:RX65N group,RX651 group,RX64M group,RX71M group)

Suitable Products
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