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RTC function (RX62N Series): Importance of a crystal resonator?

Latest Updated:05/27/2013


In the Realtime Clock (RTC) chapter of the RX621/62N Group User's Manual: Hardware, there are mentions of "connecting a crystal resonator" and "has a...crystal resonator".

If I want to use the RTC function of the RX62N Series, is it necessary to connect a crystal resonator? Or is it not necessary?


In the RX62N Series user's manual: hardware, "has a...32.768-kHz crystal resonator" means that the device has an oscillation circuit that oscillates on a connected crystal oscillator.
To perform RTC operation, it is necessary to connect a 32.768-kHz crystal resonator between the XCIN and XCOUT pins.


Suitable Products
RX62N, RX621