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Does the detail in hardware manual applies to entire Port F?

Latest Updated:03/23/2009


The hardware manual says that when an A/D converter analog input is being sampled, values of 1 are read out in the explanation about the Port F Data Register (PFDR) in the section of the I/O port.
Does this description apply only to the sampling pin of analog input (analog input channel) or the entire Port F?


This description applies only to the sampling pin of analog input (analog input channel).
Other pins on the Port F will be used as multipurpose input pins.
Suitable Products
SH7144, SH7145
SH7047, SH7049, SH7105, SH7107, SH7109
SH7046, SH7148, SH7101, SH7048, SH7104, SH7106, SH7108
SH7040, SH7041, SH7042, SH7043, SH7044, SH7045
SH7014, SH7016, SH7017