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In which setting does TSEG1 & TSEG2 and SJW in the BCR in all HCAN allowed?

Latest Updated:03/18/2009


What settings are allowed for TSEG1 & TSEG2 and SJW in the BCR in all HCAN modules ?


In general it is necessary to take great care of the correct settings for TSEG1 & TSEG2 and SJW as these parameters influence mainly the fault tolerance of the CAN bus. It is possible to set the following values in all HCAN modules (HCAN-1C and HCAN2): TSEG1 = 4...16 tq; TSEG2 = 2...8 tq; SJW = 1...4 tq; SYNC_SEG + TSEG1 + TSEG2 = 8 ...25 tq. There can be distinguished btw. programmed values and funtional values of bit timing parameters. The funtional values Sync_Seg, Prob_Seg, Phase_Seg1, Phase_Seg2 and SJW are mentioned in the CAN specification. The programmed values SYNC_SEG, TSEG1, TSEG2 and SJW are used in the HCAN registers to configure the bit timing. As of implementational reasons the programmed values of TSEG1, TSEG2 and SJW start at the binary values 0, were as the funtional values defined in the CAN spec start at 1. 
Suitable Products
SH7144 Series
SH7047 Series
SH7046 Series
SH7040 Series
H8S Family