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What are the differences between SH7040 series and SH7144 series?

Latest Updated:03/25/2009


What are the differences between SH7040 series and SH7144 series.


SH7144 series is the inherited model of SH7040 series.
The operating frequency is much more accelerated by improving from 28.7MHz to 50MHz.
The main difference between SH7144 series and SH7040 series are as follows;

•The supply voltage of SH7144 series is only 3.3V. (5V is not supported.)
• SH7144 series doesn’t have some peripheral functions such as multiplex, DRAM interface, and cash memory are deleted.

See the following table for details.

Specification comparison of SH7040 series and SH7144 series

Items SH7040 series SH7144 series
Supply voltage [V] 3.0~3.6/4.5~5.5 3.0~3.6
Analog supply voltage [V] 3.0~3.6/4.5~5.5 3.0~3.6
Opearating frequency [MHz] 16.7/28.7 50
Input clock [MHz] 4~10 4~12.5
On-chip ROM ROM-less
On-chip RAM 4KB 8KB
Cache memory 1KB instruction cache -
External interrupt pins NMI+IRQ (8 pins)
Internal interrupt factor 43 factors *1 51 factors
IRQ detection method Detecting by low level or falling edge Detecting by low level or both rising and falling edge
Interrupt respond speed 0.35us (on 28.7MHz) 0.2us (on 50MHz)
User break controller (UBC) 1ch
Data transfer controller (DTC) Yes
Bus State
External extension bus width 8/16/32bit *2
DRAM interface YES NO
Address data multiplex IO YES NO
External normal space CS0~CS3
Direct memory access controller (DMAC) 4ch
Watchdog timer (WDT) 1ch
Serial communication interface (SCI) 2ch 4ch
IIC bus interface (IIC) NO YES (optional)
A/D Converter Number of channels 4ch x 2Unit *3
Conversion time 9.3us (on 28.7MHz) *3 5.4us (on PΦ=25MHz)
Compare match timer (CMT) 2ch
I/O port 112 pin version I/O 74 pins, Input:8 pins
144 pin version I/O 98 pins, Input:8 pins
Package 112 pin version QFP-112
120 pin version TQFP-120 *4 NO
144 pin version QFP-144 LQFP-144
Low Power Dissipation Mode Software Standby, Sleep Software Standby, Sleep, Module Standby *5
Others - H-UDI, AUD

Differences on SH7144 series

*1: There are 44 factors on A mask product
*2: The external extend bus width 32-bit is only for 144-pin version
*3: Medium speed A/D(A mask product)
*4: Only for SH7042
*5: After releasing the reset, IIC, SCI,MTU,CMT, and A/D converter becomes the module standby mode.
Suitable Products
SH7144, SH7145
SH7040, SH7041, SH7042, SH7043, SH7044, SH7045