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I can see only one file that can be downloaded for *.lmf file in SM78K0S

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


I create programs by splitting them into multiple files with the assembler.
Since only one file can be downloaded for *.lmf file download in the SM78K0S, I can see only one file.


Only one .lmf file can be seen because all the program information is contained in the one .lmf file that was created.
Although I do not know the concrete operation being performed in your system, I imagine that you probably tried to open a multiple source windows?

Basically only one source window can be opened (source corresponding to current PC).
Maybe this is what you are referring to?

To open multiple sources, the manipulation method differs depending on the SM78Kx version.
In the case of the latest version, it is possible to open just the source you wish to see.

If the SM78Kx is not the latest version, request an upgrade from your NEC distributor.

If the SM78Kx you use is not the latest version, with one source opened, set the status where the window is not active by selecting [Operation]-[Hold], and specify the source to be opened by selecting [File]-[Open].
Several sources can be displayed by repeating these steps.

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