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For UPD6464A & UPD6465 OSD ICs, how much can the VBSO pin drive?

Latest Updated:03/01/2006


For UPD6464A and UPD6465 OSD ICs, how much can the VBSO pin (pin 21: composite video signal output) drive?


Since the VBSO pin of the uPD6464A or uPD6465 only outputs the video signal that is input to the VBSI pin (pin 24: composite video signal input) straight through via an analog switch, the VBSO pin does not have sufficient drive capacity. Therefore, an emitter/follower circuit (buffer) consisting of a single transistor must be added to the VBSO pin (pin 20) to drive circuits in the next stage.
See "3.1.1 Sample uPD6464A or uPD6465 application circuits" in the OSD LSIs User's Manual (S13197E) for details.
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