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Can the security setting info change to enable from prohibit?

Latest Updated:03/16/2017


I have set the security information at "Chip erase enable flag" and "Boot block cluster write enable flag" with the self-programming.
Can these setting of the security information be changed to "enable" from "prohibit"?


No, it is impossible. See below:

<For referencce>
 Flash Memory Self-Programming Library
  V850 Microcontrollers Type 01 [Ver.5.00]
   U18208EJ3V0UM00 (3rd edition)
    5.1.7 FlashSetInfo function

  V850 Microcontrollers Type 03 [Ver.2.00]
   U18211EJ2V0UM00 (2nd edition)
    5.1.6 FlashSetInfo function
Suitable Products
V850 Family