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Can you explain connection of uPD78F0058 for on-board programming?

Latest Updated:04/01/2006


Could you describe connection to the uPD78F0058 for on-board programming?


Please make the circuit configuration as follows.

Vpp During programming connect a programmer via a switch or jumper, and during normal operation, connect to ground.
RESET Design the circuit so that reset can be applied both on the board or from the programmer.
Also, design the circuit to enable switching to the programmer side during programming, and to the board circuit side during normal operation.
X1, X2 Leave the circuit unchanged so that the clock on the board can continue being used. (Don't do anything.)
Serial Design the circuit so that the serial channel for programming can be connected to the programmer.
Vdd, Vss Make connection to the programmer possible.

The other signals can be left in the normal operation state.

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