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Compatibility of development environment when switching from the 7531 Group to the 7542/7546/7547 Group

Latest Updated:09/29/2006


(Migration)   Regarding switching from the 7531 Group to the 7542/7546/7547 Group:
1. Software compatibility ?
2. Development tool compatibility ?
3. Any other important points in regards to replacement ?


  1. Software Compatibility
    The instruction systems are identical. However, the 7542/7546/7547 Group contains two additional multiplication (MUL) and division (DIV) instructions. Since, compared to the 7531 Group, the 7542/7546/7547 Group has more functions (or partial functional changes), the programs for the 7531 Group cannot be operated in the 7542/7546/7547 Group without modification.
  2. Compatibility of Development Tools
    If the emulator MCU is changed to the M37542RSS, programs for the 7542/7546/7547 Group can be developed using the development tool used in the 7531 Group.
  3. Notes on Replacement
    The number of interrupt factors and interrupt vectors are both increased for functional additions. Some of the interrupt factors are common to both Groups but with different vector address, thus some changes are required. Also, the on-chip oscillator can be used as an operation clock in the 7542/7546/7547 Group, achieving low-power operation.

For information on replacing MCUs, the following documents are available in "Application Notes". -> here

The document on differences between the 7544 Group and 7531 Group are also available. -> here


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