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How to avoid an overload frame related to an overrun error?

Latest Updated:10/29/2005


Is there any way to avoid an overload frame occurring in the receive side application? (Is this related to an overrun error?)


There is no way to avoid this problem in the receive side application, but this is not related to an overrun error.
The overload frame is generated due to several reasons: a deviation clock between transmit node and receive node, a phase delay of the transmission path such as cable and driver IC, etc. These factors must be cleared to avoid generating an overload frame. For example, adjust the clocks of both transmit and receive nodes using a better cable and driver IC.
Suitable Products
M16C/6N4, M16C/6N5
M16C/6NK, M16C/6NL, M16C/6NM, M16C/6NN