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How to use external clock instead of resonator for XIN pin?

Latest Updated:03/20/2017


I wish to use an external clock instead of a resonator for clock supply to the XIN pin, and would like to know about the AC characteristics of the clock.


The AC characteristics of an external clock that is supplied to the XIN pin are shown below.

VCCE = 5 V +/-0.5 V, or VCCE = 3.3 V +/-0.3 V
VCCI = FVCC = VDD = OSC-VCC = 3.3 V +/-0.3 V
Ta = -40 degree C to 125 degree C

Note 1: Leave the XOUT pin open and make sure the parasitic capacitance is 10 pF or less
Note 2: To allow for the necessary PLL stabilization time, hold the RESET# input low for 10 ms or more after the clock oscillation has stabilized.

Suitable Products
32170, 32174
32172, 32173