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Is the NC pin a pin to which nothing can be connected?

Latest Updated:05/01/2009


Is the NC pin a pin to which nothing can be connected?
I do not understand the difference between this pin and an IC pin.


An NC pin is not connected internally. However, if it is connected, for example, to a signal wire, internal noise will increase. It is therefore recommended not to connect the pin to anything, or to connect the pin directly to the power supply or ground.
In contrast, an IC pin is connected internally, so the state of the pin might define the internal operation or a signal might be output. Handle the pin as directed.

IC : Internal Connection (Internally Connected)

Caution In some older products, NC pins may, as an exception, be connected internally.
If your system is based on an old design, and the NC pin(s) can be handled without problem, there is no need to change the design.
When implementing a new design, however, we recommend leaving the NC pin(s) unconnected.

Consult a sales representative or a distributor, because the processing method of the RF/microwave/display devices differs depending on the product.

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