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What is the max current of ANO0 and ANO1 of uPD784214 and uPD78F4216?

Latest Updated:12/01/2011


What is the maximum current per channel (ANO0, ANO1) for the internal D/A converter of the uPD784214 and uPD78F4216?


Basically, no current flows in this D/A converter.

This D/A converter consists of an R-2R resistor ladder.
Therefore, the internal resistor is about 5.3kΩ as standard, and the resistor is connected in series with the AVref1 impedance.

Therefore, the level changes sharply when current is applied, resulting in lower accuracy.
It is not recommended to let current flow through the D/A output.
It is necessary to receive the signal with a high impedance of about 10MΩ.
(Refer to description of overall error conditions in the Data Sheet.)

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