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E0562330 Error Message (RL78 CC-RL)

Latest Updated:12/05/2016


How do I resolve an error message E0562330 that appears during linking while using the RL78 CC-RL compiler? 
The message is “Relocation size overflow : "test.obj"-".textf"-"00000005"”.


The error occurs because the memory range allocated for instructions has been exceeded. The symbol specified for an operand of the instruction or the character used in the symbol (such as !,$) is not appropriate.
Determine the error location and resolve it by performing the following steps:
Step 1: Open the assemble list file which has “.prn” instead of “.obj” in the file name.obj indicated in the error message. Within it you will see the address of each section with the OFFSET directive.
Step 2: Display the section name and address indicated in the error message. In the example above: Address 0x5, .SECTION .textf, TEXTF in the assemble list file(*.prn).
Step 3: Check the instruction near Address 0x5 with the OFFSET directive. The address of the OFFSET in the assemble list file(*.prn) is the first address of the instruction, and the address output in the error message is the address of the operand for the instruction. Therefore, the value of the OFFSET that comes before the address in the error message would be the corresponding instruction. 
Step 4: Confirm inappropriate characters (such as !,$) are not present for the symbol in the operand of the instruction.
The variable abc is described without “!” although it is not the saddr variable.
MOV A, _abc
Suitable Products
e² studio
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
C Compiler Package for RL78 Family