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Using Standard Library Function_CC-RX

Last Updated:03/20/2018


I am using RX Compiler CC-RX.
When including the header file math.h for using the standard library function cosf(), the following error message appeared.

E0562310 Undefined external symbol "symbol" referenced in "file"


To use standard library functions in CC-RX, you need to add #include in a source file and specify the [Library Generate Options] settings.

Select the [Library Generate Options] tab in the CC-RX (build tool) property dialog on CS+ >> [Standard Library] >> select [Yes] for [Enables math.h(C89/C99)], then execute building.
For using single-precision operations for all data, select mathf.h. For double-precision operations, select math.h.

If the same error occurs with the other standard library functions, you can resolve it by enabling the necessary standard library.

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