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"Which is first to install E10A-USB emulator software or LTDGA? "

Latest Updated:07/17/2008


When purchasing the E10A-USB emulator software and License Tool for Device Group Additions, what is the correct order for installation?


The order shown below should be followed carefully for correct installation.

  1. Install the emulator software included with the E10A-USB emulator.
    At this time, make sure to select a device group that is not the new device group you plan to add with the License Tool for Device Group Additions.
  2. Start the setup tool for the previously installed device group, and setup the device group on the E10A-USB emulator.
  3. Install the License Tool for Device Group Additions.
  4. Start the installed license tool and add the new device group to the E10A-USB emulator.

The specification for the emulator software license that comes with the E10A-USB emulator allows installation of only one device group (one time) in the emulator default (initial) state.
If the installation process above is completed in the reverse order, the E10A-USB emulator will appear to be in the "installed" state, and the software that comes with the E10A-USB emulator won't be able to install a device group.

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