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Are there provisions when confirming operations of the MCU alone?

Latest Updated:06/20/2013


Are there any precautions to be aware of when confirming operations of the MCU alone after completing the debugging process of the H8SX/H8S family MCU with the E10A-USB emulator?


For an MCU that has the EMLE pin, the EMLE pin needs to be processed carefully.
When using the E10A-USB emulator, EMLE pin processing is fixed at high, as described in the user's manual of each MCU and the user's manual of the E10A-USB for each MCU. However, when detaching the E10A-USB emulator to confirm operations of the MCU without the emulator, make sure the EMLE pin is fixed to low.
The MCU sometimes does not correctly operate alone when the EMLE pin is high.
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