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Avoid "Shift switch in setting emulator to '1' and reinsert USB cable"

Latest Updated:09/10/2007


When setting up the E10A-USB emulator, I shifted the emulator setup switch (SW1) from 1to 0,and back to 1 again. I set the SW1 to 0, and reconnected the USB cable of the E10A-USB emulator to the host PC. But I got an error message "Shift the switch for setting up the emulator to '1' and reinsert the USB cable", and setup procedures did not start. How can I avoid this ?


The PC may not had recognized the emulator when SW1was set to 0. Please click [Cancel] on the error message box, then reconnect the emulator to PC without changing the SW1status. [Welcome to the Found New Hardware Wizard] dialog box will open. Select a driver on the dialog to get the PC to recognize the emulator. After recognition of the emulator, shift the SW1 to 1, and start the E10A-USB emulator setup procedures from the beginning again.

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