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Can I use E10A-USB emulator to read data in internal ROM?

Latest Updated:07/20/2007


Can I use the E10A-USB emulator to read data in the internal Flash ROM of a flash microcomputers?


When the E10A-USB emulator is connected in the [E10A-USB Emulator] mode, data can be read from the internal Flash ROM during debug, etc., if you do so after the ID code check.

On the other hand, there is no read function in the E10A-USB emulator [Writing Flash Memory] mode. Data cannot be read from the internal Flash ROM of the flash microcomputers in the [Writing Flash Memory] mode. This safety mechanism is in place so third parties cannot read your (the use's) code.

If you need to read the data from an MCU that has already been programmed, try one of the following workarounds:

(1)  Remove the MCU from the board and read the data using a ROM writer (programmer).

(2)  Pre-install a process in the ROM checksum or other function of your program that can check the contents of the program.

Workaround (2) method is a user-dedicated method for checking memory contents and would therefore ensure that no third parties would be able to access the contents of the Flash ROM.

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