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Error message during the E10A-USB emulator software start-up process

Latest Updated:06/22/2011


I got the following error messages during the E10A-USB emulator software start-up process.

“Check the connection between the H-UDI pins and the H-UDI port connector.”
“The cable is not correctly connected between the emulator and the user system.”

The message is then followed by “H-UDI boot failed” or “Failed to boot up the emulator.”

Can you tell me the cause for the error messages and the workaround?


These messages are displayed when there is a problem with the emulator-MCU connection. Please confirm the following.

  1. Connection between the emulator and user system
    Make sure the cables between the following are all connected correctly: E10A-USB user interface cable connector and user interface cable as well as user system H-UDI port connector and user interface cable.

  2. Wiring for the H-UDI port connector
    Make sure the H-UDI port connected is wired according to the recommended wiring example.
    Also make sure the H-UDI port connector pin assignments are set according to section 1.4 Pin Assignments of the H-UDI Port Connector in the E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for Users Manual ( for H8S and H8SX family MCUs, refer to 1.3 Pin Assignments of the E10A-USB Connector)

  3. MCU mounting on user system
    The above messages will also be displayed if the MCU is not mounted on the user system.
    This problem often occurs when the IC socket is mounted to the system.

  4. SH family MCUs: DIP switch setting on E10A-USB
    In addition to the above causes, these messages may also be displayed for SH family MCUs if the DIP switch setting is incorrect. Refer to chapter 1.5 Recommended Circuit between the H-UDI Port Connector and the MPU in the E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for Users Manual for the target device.
    The DIP switch is under the sliding cover of the E10A-USB emulator.

Device-specific E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for Users Manuals can be downloaded here.

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