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Errors occur when using E1/E20 for hot plug-in function of CubeSuite+ .

Latest Updated:12/11/2013


I cannot establish a connection by using the hot plug-in function of CubeSuite+ when using an E1 or E20 emulator with an RX MCU. The error message below is displayed.

「Programming of the on-chip ROM area is not available during execution of the user program. (E1811301)」


This error message is displayed when the mot, hex, or bin file has been registered as a file for downloading in addition to the abs file in the [Download File Settings] tab in CubeSuite+, which disables connection with the emulator through the hot plug-in function.
To use the hot plug-in function, exclude files other than the abs file from the project. Registering an additional abs file does not produce this error.
Suitable Products
CS+ (formerly CubeSuite+)
E1 [R0E000010KCE00]
E20 [R0E000200KCT00]