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How to offset in downloading file to minus side of NDA?

Latest Updated:01/16/2012


How can I set the offset when I want to download a file to the minus side of the normal download address? For example, how do I set the offset for a download file that normally starts at address 0x2000 so it will download to address 0x1000?


Calculate the offset value when offsetting to the negative side with the following formula.
0x100000000 + (address after adding offset) – (address before adding offset) = (offset value)

For example, to change address 0x2000 (before offset is added) to 0x1000;
0x100000000 + 0x1000 - 0x2000 = 0xFFFFF000

Therefore, the offset value will be 0xFFFFF000.

Files that can be set offset, such as S type format or binary files, do not include debug information.
An offset cannot be set to a file that includes debug information, such as an ABS file. To do so, you will need to change the section setting and mapping first.

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