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How to resolve if I start up E10A-USB emulator then receive an error?

Latest Updated:03/31/2009


When I start up the E10A-USB emulator software, I get the following messages:

"The version of the emulator firmware is incorrect.
Please set up the emulator by using the setup tool."

What is causing this and how do I resolve the problem?


These messages are generated because the firmware version in the E10A-USB does not match the firmware version installed on your PC.

This error is generated when you execute Auto Update or install the latest E10A-USB emulator software after adding a device group for debugging using "License Tool for Adding Device Group."

Please refer to Section 3.10 Setting up the Emulator in the corresponding manual for the version of E10A-USB firmware that matches the firmware on your PC.

H8S, H8SX Family devices:
H8S/H8SX Family E10A-USB Emulator Users Manual

SH Family devices:
SuperH TM Family E10A-USB Emulator Users Manual
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