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No response when PM13 on processor mode register is set to 0 with Communication Timeout Error

Last Updated:10/11/2017


When I set PM13 on the processor mode register to "0", I no longer get a response, and and the E8/E8a emulator displays the following error. (for debugging M16C/62P, M16C/6N Group MCUs)

            Error message:Communication Timeout error


Check to make sure the E8 /E8a emulator firmware is not located before address D0000h.

When PM13 is set to "0" in M16C/62P or M16C/6N Group MCUs, access areas change as shown below. (For more details, refer to the corresponding MCU's hardware manual.)

Internal RAM Max. 400h to 3FFFh (15K bytes)
Internal ROM Max. D0000h to FFFFFFh (192K bytes)
External area      4000h to 7FFFh accessible
80000h to CFFFFh accessible


Therefore, if the E8/E8a emulator firmware is assigned to a location before address D0000, addresses 80000h to CFFFFh would become an external area and the firmware will be inoperable.

When setting PM13 to "0", assign the E8/E8a emulator firmware to a location beyond ROM address D0000h.

The E8/E8a emulator firmware assignment can be changed on the [Firmware Location] tab in the [Emulator Settings] dialog box.

Furthemore, when debugging the program that sets PM13 to "0", make sure you don't check the [PM13 (bit 3 of 000005H) is '1'] box (set to OFF) on the [MCU Setting] tab in the [Emulator Settings] dialog box.

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