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Troubleshooting when using E8a or E8

Last Updated:11/08/2017


The FAQs on using the E8a/E8.


See the following FAQs

Please confirm each item of [Notes on Using the E8a/E8 Emulator] on the [E8a/E8 Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual], if it is "these are not helpful" or "problem is not on the list". You can download [E8a Emulator Additional Document for User's Manual] from here.

Summary of Problem Suitable
Suitable MCU Detail of Problem FAQ No
An error message appears E8a/E8 All An error message appears, and I cannot go on debugging. 1000067
Problem on creating a new project E8a M16C,R8C family I cannot select anything but [None] from the pull-down menu of UseOnChip emulator. 1000066
Cannot refer to the value on the memory correctly E8a/E8 H8 family Read/Write value of some ports are incorrect. 102333
(Flash Memory Version only)
Although I downloaded data to the block A area for a M16C/62P (flash memory version) using the E8/E8a, I cannot read data. 1000061
E8a All I cannot refer to the value of variables correctly. 1000062
Set register but cannot allow the setting E8a/E8 M16C family Although the protect bit PRC2 of the protect register on M16C family MCU is set to "1", the protection of register is not canceled. 107486
R8C family I cannot write to the UiBRG register using a debugger. 106838
E8a H8 family I tried to write a value to the I/O register with the emulator but it won't allow a rewrite. 107022
Problem about
Break Function
E8a/E8 H8/300H Tiny Series The SSU, IIC2 and SCI3 output clocks when a break occurs while debugging. 102360
All While the program is running, it is transferred from ROM to RAM. However, when I set a software break in the program that was sent to RAM, the program doesn't break. 106706
E8a M16C/64 group The response rate slow down after I run the user program when using a software break. 107091
Problem on operating High-performance Embedded Workshop at windows E8a/E8 All Unable to open the memory window and the memory display is dimmed and unavailable. 107362
I can't get the watch window to display. In addition, I am now unable to select watch or instant watch from the menu. 102245
Can a macro name defined in the define string be monitored in the watch window? 106963
I can't get the command to execute. 107033
E8a All There is no correspondence between the line of the source code and the object code. 1000062
When debugging an MCU on E8a in the CPU rewrite mode or the user programming mode, even after the user program writes to or erases a program area on the MCU, the memory window does not display these changes. 1000310
E8 All I want to register the assembler symbol in the watch window, but it is already set to "int type". How can I specify a different type? 106812
MCU is not operated correctly E8a H8S/Tiny Series WDT reset is generated even when WDT (watchdog timer) is stopped. 107491
740 family
A program performs correctly using E8a, but it does not perform without E8a. 1000063
About ID code E8a/E8 M16C, 
incl. R32C, 
R8C Family
I lost an ID code. Are there any methods for retrieving it? 106969
E8a/E8 All Dialog box appears asking for an ID code. 101717
E8a R8C family How are ID codes handled? 106887
E8 R8C family How are ID codes handled? 106937
About downloading time E8a/E8 All Downloading is slower than before. 106737
Programming for QzROM E8a/E8 740 family
QzROM version
I am using a Flash Development Toolkit (FDT) and E8a to do some on-board programming on the QzROM version but am unable to program. 107065
About check sum E8a/E8 All How is the checksum value calculated in the Writing Flash Memory mode? 102359
Is the E8a faulty? E8a All The results of an initial E8a self-check (self diagnosis program) showed FAIL (STATUS: 0007). But when I ran the self-check again, the result was PASS. 107507
When I physically move the E8a unit while it is in operation, the ACT lamp goes off. 107045
I can't get the ACT LED on the E8a to go on. 106883
Tips and etc E8a/E8 M16C family E8/E8a "Program Flash(Writing flash memory)" mode, can this also be used when programming for mass-production? 106580
All What are the differences between the three activation modes? 1000064