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Use with target mounted with 36-pin connector or 38-pin Mictor connector_E10A-USB

Latest Updated:10/11/2017


Can the E10A-USB Emulator HS0005KCU01H (without AUD trace function) be used for a target MCU mounted with either a 36-pin connector or 38-pin Mictor Connector?


Yes. However, the following usage notes apply.

AUD trace cannot be used.
Please set the emulator as follows before using.
Right click in the Trace window to display the popup menu. From the popup menu, select [Acquisition]. In the Acquisition dialog box, make sure the AUD trace radio button is NOT set to ON in the Trace Type Group box.

You will need to purchase an optional user interface cable in order to connect the 36-pin connector or 38-pin Mictor connector. 
Product numbers are as follows: 
User Interface Cable for 36-pin connector: HS0005ECU02H
User Interface Cable for 38-pin Mictor connector: HS0005ECK01H

Suitable Products