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What are the devices that can be used with E10A-USB?

Latest Updated:02/15/2007


Can the following devices be used with E10A-USB?
H8S/2364F, H8S/2362F, H8S/2361F, H8S/2360F, H8S/2374RF, H8S/2374F, H8S/2372RF, H8S/2372F, H8S/2371RF, H8S/2371F, H8S/2370F, H8S/2370RF


All of the above devices can be used with E10A-USB.

Set the device names as indicated below. Please note that, after inputting these settings, if you download a program that is larger than the internal ROM capacity, this error message will not appear on your screen.

Actual Device Used Device to Be Selected
H8S/2364F, H8S/2362F, H8S/2361F, H8S/2360F H8S/2368F
H8S/2374RF, H8S/2372RF, H8S/2371RF, H8S/2370RF H8S/2378RF
H8S/2374F, H8S/2372F, H8S/2371F, H8S/2370F H8S/2378F
Suitable Products