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What debug functions enhanced on E200F compared to E10A USB?

Latest Updated:12/13/2007


What debug functions are enhanced on the E200F emulator in comparison to the E10A-USB emulator?


The E200F emulator basic configuration (without options) includes all E10A-USB emulator debug functions. In addition, it comes with the following enhancements.

  1. Interface with host PC uses USB2.0 (high-speed), allowing high-speed downloads (1M byte/s).
  2. Increased trace memory capacity. Allows E200F emulator to get trace information on a 256K cycle.
  3. Can set trace condition according to the information output from the AUD interface. (trace start/stop/sequential)
  4. Performance measurement function (Max. 4 channels: execution time measurement of address range).
  5. Real-time profile function (measures function level execution time, no. of calls)
  6. Monitor function (1K byte x 4 areas)

You can also add other debug functions in addition to those listed above by using E200F emulator-specific optional products. For more details, please see “Option products for the E200F emulator”.

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