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Why is ''No error code'' displayed when I start up E10A-USB?

Latest Updated:06/14/2011


"No error code" is displayed when starting up the E10A-USB.


Please confirm the following:

  1. An incorrect frequency may have been entered in the system clock input window which is displayed before the ID Code input window.
    Make sure the frequency is correct and the clock is input to the MCU.
    Set the CPU frequency in the [System Clock] dialog box after it has been multiplexed, and set the frequency for either the crystal oscillator connected to the target MCU or the external clock input to the MCU in the [Clock] dialog box.

  2. Make sure the selected operating mode is supported by E10A-USB.
    E10A-USB supported operating modes are listed in the E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for Users Manual for each target MCU.

  3. Confirm that the pin settings (ASEMD, DBGMD, EMLE, etc.) are set for use with E10A-USB.
    For details, refer to the following document corresponding to the target MCU: section 1.5 Pin Assignments of the H-UDI Port Connector in the E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for Users Manual (for H8S and H8SX families, 1.4 Pin Assignments of the E10A-USB Connector).

Device-specific E10A-USB Emulator Additional Document for Users Manuals can be downloaded here.

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