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Are contents of memory block done when acquired to fixed memory pool?

Latest Updated:11/10/2015


Are the contents of a memory block initialized when it is acquired from or returned to the fixed-size memory pool or variable-size memory pool?


The contents of the memory block are not initialized. In the case of an OS which has a management area in the memory block, it initializes the management area by setting the correct values in it.
To initialize the contents of memory blocks when running an application, initialize the whole RAM area during boot processing.
Suitable Products
RI850V4 V2 Real-time OS for RH850 Family
RI850V4 V1 Real-time OS for V850 Family
RI850MP Real-time OS for V850E2M Dual Core
RI600V4 Real-time OS for RX Family
RI600PX Real-time OS for RX Family
RI78V4 V2 Real-time OS for RL78 Family
RI78V4 V1 Real-time OS for RL78 Family and 78K0R
RX850 Pro Real-time OS for V850
RX850 Real-time OS for V850