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Can I modify these *.hws,*.hwp,*.tws, and so on with an editor?

Latest Updated:12/04/2006


I want to know the contents of the system files (*.hws,*.hwp,*.tws, and so on) automatically generated by the High-performance Embedded Workshop.Can I modify the contents of these files with an editor?


If you modify any contents of these files, operations are no longer guaranteed.
If you do chose to modify the files, please reconstruct the project from the beginning.

An overview of these files is described below.
The detailed specifications of these files are not available to the public.

[WorkSpace Directory]
.hbp: Tool information for build in the workspace
.hws: Workspace information (overall)
.tws: Workspace information (when open)

[Project Directory]
.hsf: Session information file
.hwp: Overall project information
.nav: Project navigation information
.pgs: Project construction information
.tps: Project configuration/session structure information
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