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Error message: W0714: Too many register variable

Latest Updated:11/20/2014


I am using the CA78K0R compiler for RL78 and 78K0R products. I get the following error message when I try to build a project.

W0714: Too many register variables

I do not use the register qualifier. Is there any countermeasure?


'-qx2' has been specified as the default option. This encompasses the optimization item 'Assign automatic variables to register or saddr area (-qv)'.

Since registers are used with this option, the warning message W0714 appears and variables that overflow the space available in registers are assigned to the stack. There is no function for simply not displaying the warning message, so disable the optimization function above, -qv, so that the warning message does not appear.

If you are using CubeSuite+, specify [Yes (Detail setting)] for [Perform optimization] on the [Compile Options] tabbed page in the [Property] panel of the build tool, and specify [No] for [Assign automatic variables to register or saddr area (-qv)'].

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C Compiler Package for RL78 and 78K Families
Compiler for RL78 Family and 78K0R [CA78K0R]