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How to change settings of security information with the FlashSetInfo?

Latest Updated:02/01/2009


Is it possible to change the setting of the security information with the FlashSetInfo function?


The setting of security information can be changed to "prohibit" from "enable" with the FlashSetInfo function.
But, the setting of security information can not be changed to "enable" from "prohibit".

<For referencce>
 Flash Memory Self-Programming Library
  V850 Microcontrollers Type 01 [Ver.5.00]
   U18208EJ3V0UM00(3rd edtion)
    5.1.7 FlashSetfInfo function

  V850 Microcontrollers Type 03 [Ver.2.00]
   U18211EJ2V0UM00(2nd edition)
    5.1.6 FlashSetInfo function
Suitable Products
V850 Family