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How to fix errors I got when I used Intel HEX file created with IAR's tool?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


When I use an Intel HEX file created with IAR's development tool, I get a warning that there are multiple end records. How can I fix this?


NTEL HEX files in accordance to the contents of the option.
When using MM, specify the following IAR linker options.
- For Embedded Workbench
In [Project Option Settings], go to the Linker (XLINK) specification option and select [End only with :00000001FF] as the [Format variant] output file option.
- For Command Line
Select the [-Y0] option when starting up the linker (XLINK)

By specifying the above selections, the end record output from the Intel HEX file will be [:00000001FF]. This will prevent the "multiple end records" warning from being generated when using Intel HEX files with MM.

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