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I forgot to write down the file code. How can I look it up?

Latest Updated:09/15/2006


I forgot to write down the file code. How can I look it up?


The file code should always be recorded on the mask ROM confirmation form.
However, even if you forgot to confirm the file code when executing the MM, if you still have the mask file, you should be able to confirm the file code using the following procedure.
- For V.3.00 or later:
Got to the MM menu. Select [Action] -> [Show mask information...], and set the mask file to the corresponding mask information you need to confirm. The [Mask File Information Dialog] will open and the file code will be displayed.
Also, if you still have the mask information file generated by the MM when you created the actual mask file, you can also open the mask information file in the MM and display it in the main window.
- For V.2.00.20 or earlier:
Specify the name of the mask file you want to confirm when you turn on the MM.
The following is an example of confirming the mask file code for a mask file named sampl.msk.

As you can see in the above example, when MM is executed, the [part name], [mask option (when specified)], [data for setting the mask available area] and, lastly, the [file code] of the specified mask file will be displayed on the screen.
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